Manufacturing  olive oil: the harvest


From November onwards, first olives from our fields are mature and ready to be picked. For the production of olive oil. The phase of gathering takes place always with care and delicacy as the olive is truly the raw material of olive oil.

The olives are retrieved from trees in large nets through the “Combs” that our technicians handle with patience and agility. Then, they are manually sorted and put  in funds. We then take care to eliminate olive leaves which  would  be intervened to avoid  a bitter  taste that can affect the buds.

Manufacturing of olive oil: cold pressed


Every night harvesting olives funds are made to the mill, which is in charge of pressing  them cold. In order to respect our tradition of manufacturing of ancestral olive oil, the oil is not filtered. We do not want to produce a sterile olive oil but instead keep all its taste properties and its therapeutic qualities that could disappear during the removal of particles in suspension.


Final step in manufacturing  olive oil: settling

We chose to use the method “by settling” that allows to separate waste and water of good oil. This technique of olive oil manufacturing allows to provide  our customers with a Tunisian unfiltered and unique artisanal olive oil. Utica olive oil so decanted for several months in large vats then is just bottled  before being distributed  according to the demand. It preserves all its properties and its therapeutic values are not found in oils filtered by centrifugation as they could disappear during this manipulation.


Utica olive oil contains only  pressed olives, nothing else, no conservative not anydye. It is extraordinary that in the 21st century we  are  able to consume the same product as our ancestors several millennia BC.